“Sunset in Milan” MiaManōn Spring Summer Collection 2021. A contemporary fairytale, a contemporary

Princess, a contemporary dynamic collection. As the name it carries, the collection draws its

inspiration from the Italian and Spanish 20th century fashion. It brings the thin waist line, the elegant

elements of the era and the statement figures into the present. With one and single goal, to empower women,

to enhance femininity, to bring comfort into style and cherish the inner female beauty!

A collection made for joy, happiness and carefree attitude through its summer colours, floral patterns and

bold monochrome choices. Designs made to highlight the shoulders, ruffles to add volume, pleats and gathered

details to showcase the dynamic of the modern women.

A collection made of unique designs for every woman that wants to be different, that wants to be unique, that

wants to be bold, dynamic and yet feminine and fragile.