The new Spring Summer Collection of MiaManōn is a multidimensional Collection and it is composed of three

smaller sub-collections, which were created to cover a wider market’s needs!

The Divina’s Frozen Dessert S/S ‘22, is the first theme collection, which draws its inspiration from the nature’s

magical landscapes and mostly meadows, flowers leaves and orchids! It has been designed with the one

and single purpose : To offer Comfort and High aesthetic garments made in the biggest

percentage of them by natural fibres. The result of the collection is an excellent combination of quality and style!


The Seawater Sorbetos S/S 2022, is the name of the second sub-collection of MiaManon.

The inspiration behind it can be found in the islands’ landscapes and in

the ocean’s mysteries! The heroes of this theme collection are the flowing pants, the stripes and the light

and gentle combinations with buttons from shells and embroidered details that reminds us of the Greek Islands!


The third themed collection is the Midsummer Pampas SS 2022. A collection that has the ability to take us to

unique faraway cultures. Exquisite prints and embellishments are the main elements of the

collection, through the contradictive combination of ethnic elements and European shapes and lines.

We hope you Enjoy our brand’s new collection as much as we did in all the manufacturing process!