The Company

MiaManōn is a Greek fashion brand. The Philosophy behind the brand is to empower women and flatter the female body through distinctive designs and silhouettes. MiaManōn’s mission is to promote elegance, femininity and uniqueness. To make every woman feel unique and free to express herself through the brand’s designs that can be characterised as "fashionable everyday staples".

Our brand promise, is always to deliver collections that are made with exceptional attention to the details. At the core of our brand’s values are the exceptional attention to the details, the craftsmanship and the comfort in our designs.

In MiaManōn we always choose carefully our fabrics and raw materials to deliver the highest quality and products that are friendly to the skin, always by reflecting the Fashion Trends and adding elements that are promoting the Magical Uniqueness of the Brand.

"For Us, it is mesmerising seen our vision and designs transforming into garments! For Us, it is a Magical Process that we always add our Love, Attention and Heart to the Ingredients in each Collection, in each Garment, in each Tiny Detail!"

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