How we work

The Designing Journey of every collection begins with a thorough research of the fashion trends. We, at MiaManōn, choose with extremely high attention the trend that inspire us the most. The Trend that better represents not only our aesthetic and our profile, but also our company’s philosophy and core values.

The next Step of our Journey is to make that trend, our own! To Turn the Trend into a lifetime experience. Travelling for inspiration, the creation of mood boards with our memories and photographs, elaborating different cultural elements, the taste of different flavors, the different smells and colors, are creating our starting point!

In other words… We use the Trend to Awaken all the Senses!

To deliver to you not only an exclusive design but also to provide you with feelings!

For us, at MiaManōn fashion is about connecting different dots to create a Personal and Unique Style!

How we work - image