Fashion Transparency

With Respect to the consumers’ needs and the identity and profile of the collaborating retailers, MiaManōn proceeds with thorough quality and seam control checks before any product proceeds to the sample showing and the final delivery to our business wholesale partners. 

A conscious consumer cares for the garments that he wears, by whom and what are created of and what is the ethics and the values of those products. The retailer and our brand, have to be fully acknowledged of the manufacturing process of each piece, the origin of it, the fabric composition, as well as if the product is skin friendly and if the manufacturing process is aligned with the brand’s values (the work-ethic approach and the respect for the environment) .

MiaManōn, as a brand supports fully the rightful and ethical friendly fashion direction, by creating high quality designed pieces and the brand’s team is always pleased to provide you with any information regarding the manufacturing process of each collection.